The Return To Stills.

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The wait is over! Nikon has officially announced their newest camera, the DF. This retro styled beast packs the amazing sensor that is found in the D4. This camera is also missing something.... Video.

Nikon has decided to leave video mode on the cutting room floor this time to focus slowly on still photos. Some may think this is a bad move but I for one love it. The lack of video helps cut down on the bulk of the camera allowing it to remain similar in size to the FM series of yesteryear. It is also appealing to people who just want to go out and shoot photos for the sake of shooting without having all the bells and whistles every DSLR comes with these days.

As far as looks go, this thing is gorgeous. Offered in both silver and black, the body has all mechanical dials and is wrapped with a leather grip. 

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 The price tag is a bit steep at $2795 for the body and $2999 with a retro style Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G lens to match the body.